Rust Inhibiting Chemicals & Compounds

Rust Preventatives

Rust Preventatives
We understand the importance of each and every part that comes through our doors for vibratory deburring and metal finishing.

Each part requires a special treatment so that it can provide what your industry needs, quality.

These rust preventative compounds are formulated to stop or slow the oxidation of metals during the vibratory deburring, vibratory finishing process and vibratory tumbling.

These compounds do not contain sodium nitrite and the part in the photo to the right is of a powdered metal inhibited in non-nitrited compound that we provide.

I-85 Liquid Compound

Maximum strength rust inhibiting compound for use with vibratory finishing equipment and dip tanks. High foaming in most applications and compliments the de-scaling process where no inhibitor is present.

I-60 Liquid Compound

A neutral compound for inhibiting and cleaning ferrous media and parts. One half cup will inhibit rusting on 1000 lbs. Of steel media for over a year. A 5% solution in a dip tank will inhibit ferrous parts for the same period. This or oil based inhibitors.

I-65 Liquid Compound

A low foaming inhibiting compound formulated to prevent oxidation on ferrous or non-ferrous metals. Up to a 5% solution may be used in dip or spray operations depending on the metal and how the part was formed.

I-65D Liquid Compound

Formulated with biocides to prevent spoilage in applications where the inhibiting solution is used for a long time

I-72 Liquid Compound

An amine based inhibitor designed specifically for copper, brass and exotic metals. A 5% solution may be used either a dip or spray system to prevent corrosion for up to a year.

I-78 Liquid Compound

A low foaming amine based for preventing corrosion on steel, aluminum, zinc and other metals in dip or spray applications or directly in the finishing machine. At the recommended concentration between 2 and 5% I-78 will prevent oxidation for over one year and its wetting agents will help to prevent water spotting while the part drys.

I-90 Liquid Compound

A 2% solution of this low foaming compound will leave a water insoluble film on parts for long term corrosion control. Film can be washed of with common dish washing detergents.