Degreasing Chemicals & Compounds

Vibratory Finishing Degreasing

Are you looking to remove grease and oil off of your parts before deburring?

Our surface enhancing degreasing agents will handle any grease and clean your metal parts at the same time. Have them ready for the next metal finishing processes in your production without the hassle of individual hand cleaning and flow with the pro’s.

292-LR Liquid Compound

Maximum strength degreasing & cleaning compound with heavy duty rust inhibitor for use with vibratory finishing. Moderate foaming in most applications and leaves parts in a highly inhibited safe condition.

Best Pure Degreaser on the Market

Maximum strength Heavy Duty Alkaline Degreaser used to strip heavy oils and grease.

M-222 Liquid Compound

This deburring chemical is for use in vibratory deburring, vibratory finishing, vibratory tumbling and very effective when used for part washing with industrial parts washers.Moderate foaming in most applications.

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Let Giant Finishing help you create the correct recipe for finishing your parts. Our elite team of metal finishing experts can help you pick the correct size, shape, and composition of media to work with the correct chemistry to create a recipe specifically designed for your parts.

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