Rust Inhibiting Chemicals & Compounds

Rust Preventatives

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We understand the importance of each and every part that comes through our doors for vibratory deburring and metal finishing.

Each part requires a special treatment so that it can provide what your industry needs, quality.

These rust preventative compounds are formulated to stop or slow the oxidation of metals during the vibratory deburring, vibratory finishing process and vibratory tumbling.

I-85 Liquid Compound

Maximum strength rust inhibiting compound for use with vibratory finishing equipment and dip tanks. High foaming in most applications and compliments the de-scaling process where no inhibitor is present.

I-90 Liquid Compound

A maximum strength rust inhibitor where less than 2% solution of this low foaming compound will leave a water insoluble film on parts for long term corrosion control. Film can be washed off with common dish washing detergents.

GF-331 Liquid Compound

Gf-331 is a liquid, water soluble rust inhibitor for in-process rust protection. Gf- 331 may be used in spray washers, dip tanks, or in vibratory or tumbling equipment as the final rinse. Low foaming in most applications.


Let Giant Finishing help you create the correct recipe for finishing your parts. Our elite team of metal finishing experts can help you pick the correct size, shape, and composition of media to work with the correct chemistry to create a recipe specifically designed for your parts.

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