Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have extra separation for hard to separate parts?

We manufacture machines with extended screen decks for hard to separate parts.

If I have noise requirements, do you have a solution?

Yes – All machines are available with Sound Packages to fit your needs.

Can wet or oily parts be put into a vibratory machine?

Yes – Many compounds can be used to enhance De-greasing and cleaning and also rust inhibiting.

Can a Vibratory Machine run dry?

Yes – Certain polishing applications and fine R.M.S finishes are run dry

Is media always necessary for deburring or finishing?

No – Many parts by their nature can be run part on part.

How big of a burr can be removed by vibratory equipment?

Depending on the material and time constraints about.002″

Can Vibratory equipment be used to dry parts?

Yes – We make a heated vibratory dryers using corn cob.

How do I determine the size of machine I will need?

Volume of parts, size and part to media ratio will help to come up with the machine model and size.

Do I need a special machine to run steel media?

Some equipment is steel media ready. The weight of steel media is approximately 300lbs./cu.ft and a heavy duty drive system is used to turn the media and parts.

Can a machine bought to deburr a given part be used for other applications?

Yes – With the wide range of compounds and media for both deburring and polishing and optional accessories many different tasks are possible.

How does vibratory deburring differ from barrel tumbling?

A much faster time cycle process. Ease separation media from parts, cleaner and safer working environment.

What do I do with the water discharge from the machine?

Giant offers many different types of treatment solutions, some can even go with a zero discharge to sewer.

I need a turn key multi task finishing system, can Giant help?

Yes – We have taken great pride in the many Hi-Tech engineered systems that we have manufactured.

I have a Vibratory Deburring machine now and have a new part to run, can I send these parts in for sample processing?

Yes -This service is free and we will supply you with finished part, media and compound advice.