OSB Supermoto

I really appreciate the help you gave to achieve our objective. After taking your advice & using the products you recommended, processed as per your AMA Supermoto Open Pro Championship in Riverside, CA. The track was small and tight with not a lot of passing options, but after starting the main in 8th out of 25 riders our rider was pushed wide into turn 1 and shuffled back. It wasn’t all for not, by race end he had chased down the lead pack of the fastest guys & bikes in the nation. He was able to finish 4th on the tail of 3rd but ran out of laps to advance any further. Next race is a long track, Road America in Elkhart Lake, WI which we a looking for the top step of the podium & we owe a huge thank you to Giant Finishing for your help with our team.

The products really do produce a work of art as a result of the research & testing you all have done. Too bad it’s not visible to admire


Petroleum Parts inc.

Just wanted to let you know the machine we bought has been great. The guys love what it’s been capable of doing. My sandblasting has gone from 100% to less than 5% of my parts. Should have bought one sooner! Thanks for all the help, you made buying from Giant easy. You also gave me confidence in your product with all the effort to show me this machine would do what we wanted it to produce.

– Mike

Let me start by saying that your machine is fantastic! I am extremely happy with the purchase. You told me that you would send everything I needed to obtain the finish I desired, and you were absolutely correct.Everything works like a charm.

– Johnathan

Giant Finishing has been a great asset to CP Carrillo. From the first time we met Mark, until today, the GIANT Finishing equipment performance and service has been outstanding. The knowledge they bring for the entire package, and all the diverse avenues we can take to get the job done have been supported by them from beginning to end.

I recommend GIANT Finishing to anyone looking to do in-house vibratory deburring and/or polishing. Thanks GIANT!


Street Carr Fabrication LLC

I am blown away by how this flange looks. It is exactly what I wanted. Tool paths are still there and everything. Just slick as hell! You guys will get my recommendation when I start getting asked where i got my media and for the tumblers. Again, thank you! Just blown away….