Chemicals & Compounds

Free sample part processing, allow Giant to find the right chemical or compound for your process.

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Our powdered compounds are available in fifty
(50) lb boxes or 100, 200, & 400lb kegs.

Our liquid compounds are available in:

  • (1) GALLON JUG
  • (55) GALLON DRUM

Giant Finishing supplies the chemicals and compounds which will increase the quality of the surface you are finishing on the part you manufacture.

In any industry certain requirements must be met, quality assurance is very important and having a long-lasting made part is ideal.

If you are in need of any deburring chemicals or rust inhibitor’s for your parts finishing then we are here to assist you. Any questions or concerns about specific liquid chemical compounds you may have, we have our own chemist on staff that will assist you in developing a high quality composition, the solution for your specific parts and application.

If you need ceramic, plastic, steel, corn cob, or other speciality media, you may look around our site and read some of very valuable information regarding certain types of finishes and how to acquire those for your industry.

Please visit our photo and video galleries to see our vibratory deburring machines and other metal finishing equipment.