Steel Media

Giant Finishing – Synthetic Media

Steel is a non-consumable media used in increased working pressure make steel the ideal media for a variety of finishes. Steel media produces a

burr-free, bright, smooth surface during the vibratory deburring process.

Vibratory tumbling machines have longer cycle lives and greater resistance to action, a beneficial by-product of the vibratory, deburring and metal finishing process.

1013, with steel media also manufactured in chemistries 1008 – 1022.Steel Media

DURAMEDIA® Stainless Steel is recommended when complete freedom from rust is essential.

The most commonly used chemistry is 304ss.

Carbon Steel                                 Stainless Steel

Typical Chemistries    1008      1013       1018       1022         304ss

Carbon         0.10 max.    0.11-0.16   0.15-0.20     0.18-0.23     0.03 max.

Manganese       0.030-0.50   0.50-0.80   0.60-0.90     0.70-1.00     2.00 max.

Sulfur          0.050 max.   0.050 max. 0.050 max.   0.050 max.   0.030

Phosphorous     0.030 max.   0.030 max.  0.030 max.   0.030 max.    0.045 max.

Dramatically cut finishing times by using more acidic compounds, deburring process.

Eliminating or Reducing Compounds…

With stainless steel’s inherent ability to resist corrosion.

To Reduce Maintenance, Storage and Handling Costs…

Compared to carbon steel media.

To Eliminate Contamination…

From chemical interactions (i.e, iron impregnation) that take place during some finishing processes. Especially important to manufacturers of medical equipment, surgical tools, food processing equipment and similar materials.