Oxide Reloading

Laser Oxide Scale Removal

As laser and plasma cutting are much more cost effective than die cutting, it is quickly becoming the norm for part. The oxides adhere poorly to the metal when painted which then causes paint to chip and flake. For manufacturers this can really result in a part of poor quality.

OX 15 Liquid Descaler

Maximum strength accelerated descaling compound for use with vibratory finishing, vibratory deburring and vibratory tumbling equipment. High foaming in most applications, it may also be used as a chemical accelerant to speed up metal removal process. The product is a 1 PH level chemical and There is absolutely NO rust inhibitation!

The material is left with a raw metal finish.

I-85 Liquid Rust Inhibitor

Maximum strength rust inhibiting compound for use with vibratory finishing equipment. High foaming in most applications. Compliments descaling processes where no inhibitor is present. Designed to be used with OX-15.

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