Deburring Chemicals & Compounds

Vibratory Finishing Compounds

Giant Finishing can supply the specific recipe with vibratory finishing compounds. These are designed for use with ceramic or plastic deburring media while cleaning and deburring ferrous, non-ferrous and non-metallic parts. These compounds can be used in vibratory finishing bowls, tumblers and tubs and centrifugal disk machines, Please inquire as to suitability for barrel finishing machines.

At Giant Finishing we supply all of our liquid deburring chemical compounds per application to your business and are available in 1,5 and 55 gallon containers.

M-111 Non-Ferrous Deburring

This is a good general purpose compound for use with aluminum, zinc, brass, bronze or other non- ferrous metals. It can also be used on ferrous parts to clean light soils and brighten the metal. At a concentration of 1/2 to 1 ounce per gallon of water M-111 will clean soils from the parts, leave an excellent, corrosion

resistant cosmetic finish while keeping the media clean.

M-200 Burnishing and Cleaning Ferrous & Non-Ferrous

finish on ferrous and non-ferrous parts. M-200 can be used with either steel or porcelain media in a vibratory finishing machine or a tumbling barrel. Its mild detergents will clean the part during the process and its inhibitors will keep the shine on the part indefinitely.

M-222 Non-Ferrous Deburring

An inexpensive compound for cleaning and deburring non-ferrous metals. When used at 1/2 to 1 ounces per gallon of water parts will come out clean, with good cosmetic color and will resist oxidation.

GF-224 Ferrous Deburring

A liquid cleaning and deburring compound for use with non-metallic medias in vibratory and tumble finishing equipment. Uniquely formulated to eliminate plastic and synthetic media foaming problems.

Cleans coolants, lubricants, and other fabrication soils. Low foaming to maximize media efficiency and eliminate plastic and synthetic media foaming problem. Free rinsing, leaving no troublesome powdery residue. Non-chelated for ease of waste treatment.

MX-226 Non-Ferrous Cleaning & Deburring

This compound is formulated to clean and brighten all metals while using ceramic or plastic media. When used at the recommended concentration between 1/2 to 1 ounce per gallon of water it will clean the toughest soils from even hard to reach interior corners. Completely safe, biodegradable and inexpensive, this

compound is recommended for deburring, cleaning and brightening steel, aluminum and zinc and can also be used on copper, nickel and other metals.

MX-228 Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Cleaning and Deburring

This is a good cleaning and excellent inhibiting compound designed to keep ceramic and plastic media sharp while emulsifying and removing oils from parts. Safe, biodegradable and inexpensive, this compound is an excellent choice for general deburring operations.

P-12 Cleaning and Deburring

This is a medium to heavy duty cleaning powder designed for use on ferrous or non-ferrous metals in vibratory finishing equipment or tumbling barrels using ceramic, plastic or other media. P-12 contains readily biodegradable surfactant’s that will clean and brighten while cushioning the parts. Its inhibitors will prevent corrosion on all metals for extended periods.

P-89 Abrasive Finishing

This compound contains brown aluminum oxide grit to accelerate the deburring process. The additional abrasive helps remove difficult burrs, radius edges quickly and can even remove burrs in hard to reach areas. P-89 is also and excellent cleaner, leaving the parts with a light, matte finish after processing.

P-90 Abrasive Finishing

This compound contains the same brown aluminum oxide grit as P-89 in a higher concentration to accelerate the deburring process. It contains mild cleaners and will remove light soils.

P-95 Abrasive Finishing

This is a white abrasive compound for quick burr removal and fast cleaning. Its fine, high grade abrasives impart an excellent finish on all metals. P-95 can be used with ceramic media to accelerate burr removal or in a slurry for fine finishing. Recommended for use on medical implements.

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