Ammo Reloading


Giant Finishing can accommodate everyone from do it yourself enthusiasts to companies that do it by the ton.

Our Mini Giant – As the name implies this is our smallest unit which still boats an impressive 1 cu ft of working volume, great for enthusiasts.

Wedge 5 – Our most popular model, a tub style batch machine that can be run wet or dry and handle hundreds of pounds of brass per batch.

GBB Series – Batch bowl that can be run wet or dry

GB Series – Our ideal machine for cleaning brass, our GB series includes a dam and screen deck so you can throw your brass in, let it run, then flip the dam and have your brass separate from the media and fall back in to your container without having to pick it out by hand.

Here at Giant Finishing we recommend our MF-3V polishing cob to dry and polish your brass and copper. If your just looking to dry our #1 Cob is for you.

Cycle times can range from minutes to hours depending on what you want your finish to look like.

Please visit our photo and video galleries to see our vibratory deburring machines and other metal finishing equipment.