Fast Cut Media

Giant Finishing Media

CompositionLbs./Cu. Ft. Color
Giant XFC Ceramic 85-90Brownish/Grey

Abrasive Finishing Fortune Media

CompositionLbs./Cu. Ft. Color
Fortune Media AX-65 85-90
Fortune Media AX-65 A fast cutting composition fitting between AX-90 and the ultra-fast cutting compositions. It provides a higher rate of metal removal than AX-90, with only a slightly higher media loss. AX-65 is recommended for obtaining short time cycles on medium and heavy burrs and will leave parts with a clean semi-matte finish. AX-65 gives excellent results in vibratory finishing equipment.
Fortune Media AH-4195-100
Fortune Media AH-41 The most aggressive cutting media available. It gives great amounts of cut down in short time cycles and still retains good wear characteristics. AH-41 leaves parts with a matte finish. Pound for pound the most aggressive cutting media on the market. Recommended for all heavy deburring or descaling operations.
Fortune Media F-36110-115
Fortune Media F-36 The fastest cutting of the high density compositions. Combines short time cycle with low micro finishes.
Fortune Media SP-3110-115
Fortune Media SP-3 Combines the fast cutting qualities of AX-65 with the high density fracture resistance of F-33. Its greater weight gives it an excellent cutting force, increasing with load size. Able to develop low micro finishes on hard metal parts.
Fortune Media SJ95-100
Fortune Media SJ Available in spherical shapes only. An aggressive cutting action. Good for general to heavy deburring, producing short time cycles.
Fortune Media CS-4690-95
Fortune Media CS-46 A fast cutting composition that is silicon carbide based. Contains no aluminum oxide. Recommended for parts having no oxide impregnation, especially where parts are welded, brazed or soldered. Gives parts a matte finish.

Vibra Finish

CompositionLbs./Cu. Ft. Color
Vibra Finish #4 105
Vibra Finish #4 an ultra fast cutting ceramic media specially designed to reduce cycle times to the absolute minimum. It is ideal for quick burr removal, radiusing, and low RMS finishes. It produces a very fine matte finish.
Vibra Finish SF85-90Gray
Vibra Finish SF FAST CUTTING: Fast cutting media that provides a good finish with a tough long-wearing bond.
Vibra Finish XF85-90 Tan
Vibra Finish XF XTRA FAST CUTTING: Media designed for fast metal removal, surface improvements and a low rms finish. Matte finish and moderate
wear rate but very efficient due to reduced cycle times
Vibra Finish UFX85-90Blue Gray
Vibra Finish UFX ULTRA AGGRESSIVE: Our most aggressive media formulation where metal removal, radiusing and cycle times are primary concerns.
Vibra Finish DF95-100Brown
Vibra Finish DF DENSE SUPER FAST CUTTING: Extremely resistant to fracturing, ideal for high energy applications. Very fast cut facilitated by heavier weight per cu. ft. Debur and radius faster than standard medias.
Vibra Finish FC100-110Gray
Vibra Finish FC FAST CUT: Made for fast cutting and deburring in all types of finishing equipment.

Washington Mills DURAMEDIA®

CompositionLbs./Cu. Ft. Color
DURAMEDIA® C Contains a coarser-grained aluminum oxide abrasive. Its rate of metal cut compared to media wear makes it a very efficient media. DURAMEDIA® C cut and finish characteristics have been the industry standard for years.
DURAMEDIA® ECH is a general purpose media. This formulation provides a high performance cutting action for deburring and metal removal by
providing a specially formulated blend of aluminum oxide.
DURAMEDIA® 3095 Light Gray
DURAMEDIA® 30 is a general purpose media. This formulation provides a high performance cutting action for deburring and metal removal by providing a specially formulated blend of aluminum oxide.