Vibratory Deburring Media

Mass Finishing Deburring Media for Vibratory Finishing Equipment

Giant Finishing as an O.E.M works with several vibratory deburring media manufacturers so that we can guarantee the right shape, size, and composition to fit your vibratory finishing requirements.

We are the best bet for your vibratory finishing and deburring needs – we can help you find the right finishing media for your part. You will find multiple links below to several different types of deburring and finishing media from non-abrasive to fast cut, specialty abrasives also. From plastic low density and high density deburring media including high performance plastic media and state of the art synthetic media.

Steel ball burnishing your parts with a Duramedia steel finishing media or putting a high polish on with our polishing cobs. We are here to help you the customer so that you can get the best metal surface finish possible. You can achieve the greatest surface enhancement through running tests on samples, the more possible media choices the better.

Free sample part processing, allow Giant to find the right media for your process.
Some parts have those hard to fit spaces or bends and on the most important part, but now choose the desired finish by selecting a fast or hard cut, aggressive or non-aggressive.
Imagine an almost endless can Ceramic or plastic media might do the trick if you are deburring, how about steel media for ball burnishing? There are many choices to consider for vibratory finishing and deburring, so let us assist you in choosing the right finishing media as well as supply it.


Please visit our photo and video galleries to see our vibratory deburring machines and other metal finishing equipment.